What is the Ethos difference?

by Brian Aiello March 04, 2020 2 min read

Matte black tortoise fade polarized sunglasses

In order to answer that question we first need to explain why we felt the need to improve on what other companies are doing.


Most (not all) companies provide poly-carbonate frames. This is good for safety glasses and sports wear (our Ares line will have this in order to meet ANSI standards) but is it the best? Poly-carbonate is extremely durable, and required in a safety setting, but is also cheap and prone to cracking. This is what most of the gas station glasses are made from!

All current models from Ethos are made from a different product... Grilamid (TR90). This product is a nylon base giving the frames extreme flexibility while maintaining their original shape. Being lightweight and durable we feel this is the ideal base for our line! They are ready to tackle whatever you do!



This is easier to see, non pun intended... Again the cheap glasses will come with poly-carbonate 1mm thick lenses. These will have a UV400 rating and can be polarized. But Ethos wanted more... we wanted a lenses that was even clearer than you're used to. All our lenses are CR-39 which, besides glass, is the clearest lens for sunglasses. On top of that our lenses are 2mm thick for even better durability! So you can still get your UV400 protection and polarized, but with and even clearer lens.


If you are still reading then you now have a basic understanding of what you have been getting and what you get when you wear Ethos. It is literally a better product for a fair price.

Try a pair today and experience the difference!

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